E-bike Hire

Explore Rarotonga at your own pace with an e-bike suitable for all fitness levels.

Take a journey on the back roads and chat to friendly locals.  Discover our various plantations and buy some fresh local fruit and veges from a road-side market.  Stop in and visit our cultural museums and churches.  Seek out the best places to eat and grab an ice cold beverage.  And, don’t forget to take some photos along the way, and dip your toes in our crystal clear waters.

Spend the day cruising around Rarotonga (32km) using a combination of standard cycling, pedal assist, or the fully electric mode.  Our e-bikes are a fully adjustable 8-speed bike to suit all riding styles and are equipped with front, rear and brake lights for evening riding.  All bikes are issued with helmets, chargers, insurance cover and bike locks.

There’s no license requirements (minimum age is 17 yrs), and no paying for fuel as you can charge the battery right in your room


  • Same day hire – $45 (pick up from 8:30am and return before 4pm)
  • 1 day (24hrs) – $60
  • 2 days – $90
  • 3 days – $120
  • 4 days – $145
  • 5 days – $170
  • 6 days – $190
  • 7 days – $210
  • 8+ days – please enquiry

Private E-bike Tours

Let us showcase the beautiful island of Rarotonga (with almost flat terrain), and take you on a guided two wheeled adventure.  Every private tour is specifically tailored to an individuals interests, fitness levels, and time constraints.

Included in your private tour is:

  • Full induction and safety briefing on e-bike use
  • Minimum of two people required per tour.  Guaranteed maximum of 4 people per tour
  • Lunch (optional), water provided
  • Knowledgeable local guide
  • Our bikes are equipped with storage for personal items during the tour, ie camera’s etc

Tours start from $129 per person